JqExpress is a powerful plugin for IntelliJ IDEA that brings seamless JSON querying and transformation capabilities to your development workflow.

Whether you're parsing complex JSON structures or refining data with jq filters, jqExpress empowers you with a robust set of tools right within your IDE.


Interactive Filtering

Execute jq filters interactively within your IntelliJ IDEA environment. Visualize the results instantly with the built-in result panel.

Native jq Integration

Harness the full potential of jq by seamlessly integrating it into your workflow. Enable native jq filtering with configurable settings.

Settings Customization

Tailor jqExpress to match your preferences with customizable settings. Fine-tune filter execution delays and indentation sizes for optimal performance.

User-Friendly UI:

Intuitive and user-friendly interface with a dedicated Query tab for efficient filtering. Settings tab for configuring native jq integration and other preferences.

Real-time Feedback

Instantly see the impact of your jq filters on JSON data. Efficiently debug and refine queries with real-time feedback.

Flexible Output Options

Choose between compact or human-readable output with a single click. Tailor the output to match your specific requirements effortlessly.

Getting started

  1. Open the JqExpress Tool Window: Access jqExpress through the IntelliJ IDEA Tool Window.

  2. Compose Your jq Filter: In the Query tab, compose your jq filters and watch the real-time results.

  3. Fine-tune Settings: Head over to the Settings tab to customize filter execution delays, indentation sizes, and native jq integration.
  4. Enjoy Seamless JSON Querying: Experience a seamless JSON querying experience right within your IDE!

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